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Welcome to Ray Floro's Online Learning Platform. 

Immerse yourself in over 20 courses covering Ray's extensive knowledge of Kalis Ilustrisimo, Knife Combat, Military Stick and Two Handed Weapons, Police Baton, and much more.

Access training with Ray Floro from  anywhere that you can access the internet.

  • Compehensive Courses  

Comprehensive training courses from full recording of Seminars and Instructor Certifications*.
*Instructor Certification NOT included with any online course purchased.

  • Targeted Training  

Recorded during private lessons, smaller trainings give targeted insight into subtle details.
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The Small Details to the Techniques of Kalis Ilustrisimo that Master Raymond Floro covers ... is a Heavily Guarded Trade Secret that is Literally Worth Gold that the Good Master is Generously sharing with us.

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