Essential Military Stick 2

One my most requested Seminar topic. In this video, I cover my “Stick Boxing System”. Perfect for walking canes, unbreakable umbrellas, or Staffs. Easily learned. Highly Effective.
It describes the basic strikes and defence. To the use of combinations and fakes. Through to defence against knife attacks. I also cover concepts of fighting in “formation” when there are two or more allies defending against multiple opponents.
Perfect for use with the Unbreakable® Umbrella, available from unbreakableumbrella.com.
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Ray Floro

Raymond developed Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) - a realistic, simplified method of dealing with armed and unarmed confrontations and specialising in the awareness and defence of edged weapon assaults.
By discussing and formulating formal training programs and teaching guidelines, FFS has now been adopted by military personnel and law enforcement worldwide. Several Law Enforcement and “SWAT” personnel have also chosen to use the principles in their training academy.
Regular clients receive private lessons, their professions ranging from – Office Workers, Security Personnel, Air Marshalls, Commercial Pilots, Business Owners, Military Instructors and personnel, other Martial Arts Instructors.
Raymond was also the “Training Leader” for the US based “Guardian Angels” Safety Patrol. Raymond formulated and taught a training regime suitable for recruits to use in the submission and arrest of offenders in the enclosed spaces of trains. He also led patrols throughout the subway network and “streets”.
Floro Fighting Systems is a system of Edged Weapon combat and defence that is not only simple to learn, but is one of the most effective systems of self defence available today. Efficient, direct and immediate, FFS is one of the very few styles that is still based on the blade, and is used by civilians and members of the military, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.
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