Ray Floros Kali Ilustrisimo Core Fighting Style - Part 2 - The Deadly Thrust

The Kalis Ilustrisimo Core Fighting Style is a series of short instructional videos. Concentrating entirely on the fighting concepts favoured Grand Master Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo.
When I was learning from him one on one. I specially asked him to focus on the techniques and tactics he actually used when engaging in combat.
Simple, Efficient, Effective was the “trademark” of his movements.
- Ray Floro

Lesson Two
The Deadly Thrust.

Lesson two covers in great detail one of the most formidable tools you can have in your arsenal.

The thrust can be utilised to set up your opponent. Or as a finisher.

This is one of my favourite weapons

The Thrust
Part 1 9:46
Part 2 10:00
Part 3 5:26
Part 4 10:06
Part 5 11:59

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