Essential Military Stick

Ray Floro’s “THE MILITARY STICK- Walking Canes, Umbrellas and other improvised weapons”

This video is based on the Military Stick Systems taught to the British Commandos by W.E. Farbairn and to the USMC by John Styers.

Sourced from their manual “Get Tough” and “Cold Steel”. It provides easy to follow effective templates that will suit any defence or attack scenario.


The tutorial covers both systems individually; then amalgamates both into a versatile and complete method.

It also applies what you learn to an effective defence against edged weapons.

Easy, Effective and practical are the hallmarks of this system

This video is a GREAT supplement to THE POLICE BATON series.

Military Stick
Part 1 7:52
Part 2 7:36
Part 3 8:11
Part 4 13:32
Part 5 11:47
Part 6 3:25
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