The Authentic Kalis Ilustrisimo - Volume 1


A rare and tremendous opportunity to learn from one of the last living 1st Generation students of Grand Master Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo.

Also known as the “Archivist” of the Kalis Ilustrisimo System. He rarely teaches publicly. Opting to have few close knit students to pass on the legacy.

With his permission. We now offer real, authentic “original” teaching from the Master himself.

Master Romy brings detailed and technical explanations to the mystery of the Ilustrisimo system

More than 4 hours of footage, over 2 volumes, not only does he share the techniques, he also shares the history, philosophy and culture of different FMA groups.

Volume 1
Introduction 2:50
Part 1 12:38
Part 2 18:04
Part 3 20:09
Part 4 24:39
Part 5 7:51
Part 6 22.18
Part 7 9:03
Part 8 15:08
Part 9 5:39
Part 10 15:55
Part 11 7:34
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Romeo Macapagal

Growing up in a squatter refugee community of post-war Manila in the 1950’s where violence was a daily occurrence, Romeo Macapagal learned Estilo Capampangan from his grandfather and boxing from his father. He furthered his study of Arnis directly from Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo. The Ilustrisimo System with its sophisticated and almost scientific approach suited his personality, already shaped by previous technical work as a banker and a construction man in ship building and civil works.

He is among the few Filipino martial arts (FMA) masters who, besides being adept in physical techniques can also articulate intelligently and eloquently the underlying principles of martial arts.

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